Gestalt means whole.
As in: the whole is more than the sum of its parts.  

The same way as a human being is more than the sum of his life experiences, contacts and challenges.

In a similar way a person is part of all circles he moves in: household, family, friends, work…

The goal of Gestalt therapy is to raise your awareness: the awareness of your body, your feelings and emotions, your thoughts, the awareness of others and your environment. As these things get clearer and gain meaning, it’s possible to address whatever unfinished business there is, trying out new contact options and widening your pallet of choices.

Gestalt therapy is the therapy of contact.  The focus is not as much on your problems, but on the way you experience them, the meaning they have and the way you handle them. There always is a particular interest in the way we co-create patterns and themes in our sessions together. In all this we also look at physical signals and experiences, which can be signposts for underlying dynamics.

Gestalt therapy starts in the ‘here and now’, focuses on whatever is in the forefront.

This is about the way you enter, sit, talk, move.

We also focus on what happens in a session: some things may be recognizable from other situations and those links provide us with opportunities to get some meaningful work done about the given topics.

Sometimes it is clarifying to put images to a situation, using symbols, stones, figurines, chairs, floor markers…

Whatever course the process will take, you’re the one who can indicate where your boundaries are, what works or doesn’t work for you. The clearer you can indicate this, the easier it is to find ways that suit you or are to your liking.