Everyone grows and everyone’s life changes. Sometimes this happens gradually so that you get the time to adjust.  But sometimes it happens so suddenly and with so much fierceness that things turn you completely upside down. Often people get through with the support of their family and friends. But sometimes you may also feel like you get stuck and are in need of something more. The ones close to you may mean well, but nevertheless you might not feel understood completely or your needs might not be met entirely. Or it can also be that, despite your efforts, you tumble back into a situation that doesn’t feel good (anymore) or that gets you down.
At such a moment, therapy can provide support, clarification, recovery or change.

These issues can be addressed:
• Personal growth
• Meaning in life
• Recurring patterns
• Relationships: crisis and growth (partner, parents, children)
• Loss, mourning and trauma treatment
• Anxiety and tension
• Stress and burnout
• Self-confidence and assertiveness
• Getting back into your strength, give meaning and handle things differently
• Coping with differences and conflicts in social relations